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"He wears a mask, and his face grows to fit it."
George Orwell
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my favourite color is cute boys

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"you have nice bone structure" can either mean "i find you aesthetically pleasing" or "you will be a strong warrior in the skeleton war"

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anime trope episodes: the beach episode, the festival episode, the episode where someone doesn’t know how to cook
western cartoon trope episodes: the episode where someone has several copies of themselves made, the episode where inanimate objects come to life, the episode that is a homage to a movie from the 1950s, the episode where someone is shrunk down to microscopic levels and placed inside the body of another person

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bandwagon (by bandwagon I mean like 3 people made really cute Link photosets so I tried too) I think WW Link turned out the best. he got punched in the face, lost a tooth and is very proud.

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i can never do anything without this happening


i can never do anything without this happening

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